Types of Partisan Marketing

by annil chauhan

Types of Partisan Marketing

In today’s world, aggressive advertising campaigns are no longer relevant. They are being replaced by guerrilla marketing – an effective method of covert promotion of goods and services that can produce results in the shortest possible time and with minimal investment.

One of the examples of guerrilla marketing campaigns is the principle of disseminating recommendations from consumer to consumer (about goods, services, or information products). An essential difference between guerrilla marketing and any other type of advertising is close interaction with the target audience.

This method provides a point impact and a small budget for advertising. But from this, he does not become less effective.

A good example of guerrilla marketing can be the use of original and memorable visual agitation with the branding of a promoted product or service.

For a massive “stuffing,” such tools as booklets, postcards, stickers, leaflets, business cards, calendars, and other printing products that can remind consumers/customers of a company are suitable.

Of course, for such advertising products not to go straight to the trash bin, it is necessary to make it as functional as possible.

For example, to use calendars or posters that are handed out free of charge as an advertising space, as a “load” on the purchased product.

A typical example of guerrilla marketing looks like this: a massive injection of some information (for example, the question: “Have you tried it yet?” ), which can provoke a response (interest) from the audience.

And after some time, the intrigue is equally massively revealed with the help of a new stuffing. As a result, interested consumers will gradually wish to purchase the advertised product “just to try.” The goal is achieved.

Among the effective ways of attracting attention within the framework of guerrilla marketing methods are the following:

  • stickers with original catchy slogans or pictures
  • hanging advertising materials (on the door of the institution or as a window decoration)
  • unusual business cards made regarding the field of activity of the organization
  • packaging (including packages) can serve as an excellent example of the effective use of advertising space
  • placement of advertising labels, slogans, and images on clothing
  • bright, memorable flyers that carry the main idea of ​​an advertising campaign
  • Drawing pictures on the surface of benches, stopping points, asphalt, and even the walls of buildings.

In fact, in the case of partisan marketing methods, any item or an object whose surface is suitable for use can become an advertising medium.

If we are talking about guerrilla marketing in the Internet environment, it’s worth the most straightforward methods.

Namely, to create interesting free content, containing without fail a particular call, prompting to action. Distribute ready-made content, focusing on the target audience.

And do not wait for an instant user reaction – guerrilla advertising methods always have an avalanche-like character of increasing popularity. This means that the success of a particular advertising campaign can only be assessed over time.

Among the methods of guerrilla marketing, there are several areas:

  • marketing in the complete absence of a budget (in fact, it consists of actively promoting goods and services through personal communication with the audience)
  • low-budget marketing best Pubg pc game, when advertising costs include using small printing means and hiring promoters to distribute advertising materials
  • Low-cost increase in marketing efficiency (all kinds of stickers that attract attention, etc.)
  • local marketing, i.e., impact on an audience limited geographically or by interests
  • Point impact on specific groups of user audiences or even individual users.

And all of them work equally effectively both in the case of applying a small business project as part of the promotion and as part of large-scale advertising campaigns for large corporations.

Partisan marketing

Partisan marketing is an effective way to attract the attention of an audience to a particular product offer or service. It does not require significant material costs and gives relatively quick results.

This is precisely the reason for the growing popularity of “partisan” promotion, which is increasingly used as the primary marketing mechanism every year.

Let your business grow more actively – apply guerrilla marketing techniques in your work and receive dividends in the form of increased demand or increased popularity of the offered goods and services.

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