Cheap or inexpensive kitchen furniture: Tips for having them

by Karan Goswami

Do you need cheap kitchen furniture? Do you have a low budget and want a change with cheap kitchen furniture? You just moved in, and you don’t have enough to invest in the kitchen. Well, you have reached the ideal place, because today I will give you a series of tips or tips to keep in mind when choosing your kitchen furniture and you do not have much budget, if you are ready, we will begin.

When we talk about cheap kitchen furniture

When we say cheap or cheap kitchen furniture, it does not mean furniture of poor quality, that its durability is reduced and its appearance is ugly or outdated, but of furniture that will be of acceptable quality, with perfect presentation, and with excellent durability. The issue is that we can always reduce the budget using some techniques that I will be sharing.

Before I begin, I want to clarify that I will divide my advice into two broad groups, those who do not have furniture and are going to buy them for the first time, and the other group is for those who do and want to give a new air to their kitchen, which is in another article. Clarify that not all advice should be followed in all countries or regions, I only give you ideas or experiences from different places as variants of your situation; most will serve you. So here we go.

You need new cheap kitchen furniture

The first time we buy tends to be total madness, you do not know where to start or what elements to prioritize, and you know that you do not have a large budget. Therefore, planning and organizing are essential to make the minimum and necessary investment. In this case, I recommend that you rely on functionality in the first place, I already argue.

Focus on the functional

The kitchen space comes first, knowing how many meters of furniture we are talking about, in what form they should be placed. Functionally what do we need?

Small or medium scrubbers

Four burner stove

Enough shelving for the amount of food we are going to store

Minimum space for food processing

Space to place our appliances

Always with a rational approach and adjusted to real needs will help us to have cheap kitchen furniture. In the part of tools, also, why have a 30-foot refrigerator if we live alone or as a couple? In today’s market, we are filled with devices where many do almost the same, or we never use them, focusing on prioritizing only the essentials saves us a lot.

With this preliminary idea about what furniture we will have, then we are ready to determine the materials that our cheap kitchen furniture will have.

Cheap kitchen furniture materials

In the article Types of Kitchen Furniture Materials, I was already making a general assessment of the subject; there I share more knowledge about it, now I will only focus on those who can help us. The cheapest kitchen furniture is those that are based on poly-laminate and melamine coated. What is commonly known as MDF boards, are pieces created through the heat and pressure casting of layers of cardboard, giving it exceptional strength? Then they are plated in melamine.

The production of these elements is little cost, they have an extensive range of shapes and colors, they are porous, textured, or smooth textures, and they combine very well with other materials. Yes, if you need cheap furniture, this material is the best variant.

As for advice for more exceptional durability, you must know that melamine is a bit sensitive to moisture, so in the sink you could use a stainless steel one that overlaps and seal the joints with some silicone resistant to water, to avoid water seepage. This furniture should be separated from the floor, since when cleaned with water; they tend to get very wet. Do not neglect its cleanliness, because if you leave it a lot of dirty time, they tend to stain. Combining melamine with other materials gives excellent results, both aesthetically and functionally, and in your pocket.

Advice on where and how to buy

You already have the idea that you need and that you will preferably look for melamine. Then comes the other issue, where and how to buy cheap kitchen furniture.

Carpenters or remote markets

Let’s be rogues and do not buy the first offer we see, let’s walk a little, and you will see that the results will surprise you. Did you know that most of the furniture that they sell in the Shopping Centers is the best productions made by independent carpenters who sell at low prices? Well there it is, do not go to the Shopping Centers first, take a tour of some parts of the city where independent carpenters work, many times these people sell in foreign markets or local businesses, their prices are generally excellent.

Wholesale markets or warehouses

If you didn’t find any, or you didn’t like their offers, we are ready to go to the wholesale markets. The first thing you have to do is find out if we are in the time of offers or there are discount coupons, cheap ideas usually appear. Ask the scope of the offers well, because the price they give you is that of the furniture and you may think that they include transportation and assembly and vice versa.

Another tip is that generally the central stores or in the industrial headquarters where they manufacture the furniture, you can find excellent offers or discounts. The issue is to eliminate intermediaries. Valuable advice, as you find out, go writing down everything, addresses, prices, type of offer, and then, with a sharp mind, to make the best choice.

Online websites

The other always excellent variant is the online purchase of our kitchen furniture, or at least always check first, to start with a benchmark on price issues. There are many specialized websites on the subject, all depending on your country or region. If you do not have many skills in the matter, then ask for help, either from a family member or friend or through the same website, you will always find who guides you.

In the offers that are made, kit sales or complete furniture modules can also be a reasonable offer, not discarded.

Second hand or used furniture

Now, if you are one of those who are given the crafts, a functional variant could be to buy second-hand or use furniture that is in good condition, these usually come out much cheaper and with only a few repairs, of which we talk more below, you can keep quality and affordable kitchen. I recommend class, solid wood kitchens. These offers are found relatively quickly on second-hand articles websites or social media groups such as Facebook. Take this opportunity. In the article Repairing kitchen furniture, I give you a series of tips that will help you a lot.

One of my personal experiences

On one occasion I found mahogany furniture (precious wood) thrown in pig pens in a country house since this wood is so good, it is complete. We took them out, washed them, gave them sandpaper, sent them to make the missing pieces, and when varnishing them, nobody thought they were of use, that they cost us a lot and are of the highest quality.

But Acrylic solid surface sheet is the best option for your kitchen furniture. Acrylic Solid Sheet is usually known or used for superior finishing, dashing look application, seamless designs for almost countertop installations of any kitchen surface or furniture, etc. Flexibond is one of the best Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet Manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

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