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Piles, or hemorrhoids, occur when the veins become inflamed in the tissues around the anus, sometimes causing skin pain. This condition can be very embarrassing for those who suffer from it. This is why an effective – and subtle – treatment of hemorrhoids is essential. What are piles? A common condition for hemorrhoids for anal tissues skin pain.


To cure hemorrhoids, you have to go to the source. If you can stop the growth of your hemorrhoids, there is a good chance that you can fix them. If you have hard stools, the batteries start. This puts a lot of pressure on the blood vessels.


Treatment for hemorrhoids 


If you have problems, eat a lot of fiber and see a doctor to treat hemorrhoids. It will also help if you try not to sit all day and if you can manage your weight below the level of obesity. The older you are, the more stressed your body is. There is also a relationship between what you eat and what keeps you from having difficult stools. Statistically, many seniors grow up because they do not eat well. Poor foods lead to difficult movements and excess weight – two of these factors combine to form hemorrhoids.


Treatment should be suggested by your doctor, who will also look at other internal problems that may mask hemorrhoids. However, here are some good remedies: Use lukewarm water on external hemorrhoids. Just like a hot bath after a tiring day can relax your muscles, it can relax your muscles and blood vessels around your anus. On the other hand, the cold compress has also proved effective. Your doctor will tell you which is the best treatment for hemorrhoids.


 Treatment for piles 


At most a medicinal cream will be recommended. This would probably be associated with a form of fewer painkillers, like aspirin. You may also need to buy a special cleanser because it can be extremely painful if the hemorrhoids are infected. Scavengers will probably also have nice abilities. You may also need to buy a suppository, which can treat this area much more effectively.


For a more intensive, fast and permanent treatment of hemorrhoids, there are always surgical options. A very common treatment is called elastic ligation. This implies that the doctor inserts something for the elastic around the hemorrhoids that will cut off the blood supply. They are will naturally “diet” and fall.


It can also be cut into electrical processes. Medications can be injected to damage the nerves and dry them. It can be frozen, as do many dermatologists with moles. It can also be surgically cut but is known to cause problems later.


Cure natural remedies for food 

There are many piles of home remedies food natural methods that you can take. Heat and/or cold have already been mentioned as alternatives to the application. There are many natural things you can eat to reduce the risks or effects. Many pharmaceutical companies sell supplements designed as treatments. Some are valid while piles cure others are not. That is why it is very important that you consult a health professional to treat hemorrhoids.

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